Bible School

To Equip and Mobilize Leaders to Reach the Nations

EMI helped pioneer Charis Bible Training Center St. Petersburg project in 2002 after helping teach and lead in two previous schools.  In the eight years since CBTC was established in St. Petersburg, we have seen hundreds of students receive solid Bible Teaching that has changed their lives.  We have seen the life -giving message of Grace transform these young believers into strong and mature ministers during their time in Bible School.

One of the unique aspects of the St. Petersburg project is that the majority of the students within our school are International students. We have Russians that study but also students from Nigeria, China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, America, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Tanzania, and Latvia. Most are studying in the Universities here in Russia for their medical, engineering, or economic degrees.

Once they finish their Bible School training they head back home to their nations. It is in this unique aspect to our school that we see the vision of Training and Equipping Leaders to Reach the Nations being fulfilled.

We offer two years of Bible Training, a year of Leadership School and an Apprenticeship program before they return home. To know more of the specific strategy of our vision, click on the above Vision tab to see how we train the students.

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